Friday, September 15, 2006

Ipoh White Coffee

Ipoh is a town in the midddle of Peninsular Malaysia and is the capital of the state Perak. Ipoh residents love to eat and drink, and the town is famous for its food. Among it specialities is the Ipoh White Coffee.

Ipoh White Coffee is a coffee unique to Ipoh, Malaysia. Its name stem from the fact that it was first roasted and drank by tin miners in the 19th century in Ipoh.

Usually, Malaysia black coffee is produced by roasting the coffee beans with sugar and magarine laced with 60% burnt caramel. The Ipoh White Coffee on the other hand is produced by roasting the beans with only magarine and no sugar and roasted to a lighter degree, resulting in a coffee that is less dark. The species used is often the Robusta species. Swettened and evaporated milk is often added to the coffee.

There are many coffee shops in Ipoh selling Ipoh White Coffee. There is one famous one - Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong which is popular for just that. The other 2 coffee shop are Xin Yuan Foong and Xin Yuan Hoong which is which is popular for a bit of breakfast and a cup of Ipoh White Coffee.

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  1. We are going to Thailand (Phuket) and Malaysia (KL) in a few week's time. What do you recommend we do, eat and see (as some who has travelled there before)?