Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sepang Formula One Racing Circuit

Formula One racing car
Formula One Racing Car

Malaysia has one of the most spectacular Formula One racing circuit in the world at Sepang, just next to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The circuit was completed in 1998 and had its first racing event on 12th December 1998. However, the first Formula One race was held in 17th October, 1999,

The circuit occupies a total area of 90 hectares with 30 units of pits, track length 5.542km with 5 left turns, 10 right turns and 8 straights with the longest straigth at 928 metre. The race distance is 54 laps, 310.4km or 192.9 miles. Its main grandstand capacity is 80,000 while the general admission is 80,000.

Other than the Formula One Malaysia Grand Prix, it also host the A1 Grand Prix, MotoGP, kart racing, motorcross facilities and other major motorsport events.


  1. Wow this is cool! Have you been to any of the Formula One races?

  2. I'm wondering if you took this cool picture yourself Peter?

  3. Hi Sheryl,

    No, I actually have no interest in Formula One races, and the photo is with the curtesy of Tourism Malaysia. I did this post because it is one of the famous places in Malaysia and it draw in a lot of foreign tourists when the Formula One race is held.