Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A shoe design Institute for Malaysia by the world famous shoemaker, Jimmy Choo?

Malaysia has aspiration to become an educational center for the region. Malaysia have many public and private educational centers and have a large number of foreign students.

World famous shoemaker, Datuk Jimmy Choo (Datuk is the Malaysian version of knightship), in a press conference, announced his intention to set up a shoe design Institute in Malaysia. "I am a Malaysian and I want to give back to the people of Malaysia for the respect and support they have shown me over the years. It is only right that the institute be built in my home country before anywhere else" he said in the conference. He said that there is currently no shoe design institute in Malaysia, and he will like to be the first to set up one. He also hope to sponsor a few young designers abroad to learn about the industry.

Penang-born Jimmy Choo, a couture shoemaker based in the East End of London and recognized for his excellent craftsmanship, is favoured by international stars and elegant women worldwide. He can count among his clients the late Princess Diana. Jimmy Choo was supposed to meet her to present a pair of cream, low-heel shoes at Kensington Palance on September 1, 1997, just 18 hours after her horrific car accident. His other royal clients include Queen Ann-Marie of Greece, Queen Raina of Jordan, the former Queen Noor of Jordan, the Sultanah of Pahang. His othere clientele includes film stars, pop stars and other celebrities. Datuk Michelle Yeoh, now a famous actress from Malaysia, and Madonna were also his clients.

Malaysia now has something to look forward to. Let's hope that comes into reality soon.

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  1. The unfortunate truth about jimmy choo and the his collaboration with UITM is this. it's a rip off. and it's pretty damn funny.

    many people out there think "jimmy choo" [the man] has anything to do with "jimmy choo" [the company]. they paid him to use his name because he was a cobbler for princess di. he had absolutely NOTHING to do with the success of the company, and he hasn't designed a single item sold by the company since it was founded.

    what's so funny? that there are ignorant suckers out there that think otherwise.

    this is where it gets misleading though, jimmy choo [the man] always pretends he was responsible for the jimmy choo [the company]. he will never directly state that he has anything to do with the company if pushed (because he doesn't want to lie). but he will not correct people if they think he's responsible for the company's success. if you confront him, he'll admit he's got nothing to do with it.

    dont get suckered in by posts like this that seem to imply the company and the man are related.

    to summarize;

    1. jimmy choo the man is a cobbler.
    2. jimmy choo the company is an internationall renown fashion brand.
    3. jimmy choo [the man] and jimmy choo [the company] are not related.