Monday, January 15, 2007

Street@KL Downtown for a night of fun

Malaysian Pengasih Association and Kuala Lumpur City Hall has organised a late night bazaar they named Street@KL Downtown - a program to offer youth and former drug addicts stalls and get creative, plus a venue for buskers like Azam Aziz, V Carlos and Daim Ariffin Daim Abdullah Mansor to show off their talents. Pengashih hopes to offer a venue for youths to enjoy themself free from alcohol and drug abuse and the motto for the program is "No drug, no alcohol and keep the music clean".

There are 400 stalls and 10% of them are operated by former drug addicts. There is a creative corner with activities like busking, portrait drawing, shuffle dancing, magic show, fire-eating, stilt walking, graffiti drawing and a car exhibition.

Street@KL Downtown is located at the Bandar Tun Razak Velodrom and is opened dailyly from 10pm to 4am except for Monday.

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