Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese New Year in Malaysia

Today is the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and it is a tradition for a family reunion dinner, and that is what we are having - my daughter, my 2 sons, myself and the Cambodian maid. My other two daughters will be following their husbands to their respective family reunion as is the practice, leaving the 4 of us.

Here is what my daughter have bought for the reunion dinner - yee sang (translated literally as raw fish). This is a Malaysian invention and has become the tradition for Chinese celebrating the Lunar New Year to "lou sang" (literally mix (raw) fish) where everyone uses their chopstick to mix the ingredients of the yee sang to stir up good fortune for the new year. Here are photos of the yee sang and of us stirring the dish:

yee sang or raw fish dish
yee sang

lou sang or stirring the raw fish dish
lou sang

And here is what we have prepared for the Chinese Family Reunion dinner:

Family reunion dinner
Chinese New Year Ever Reunion Dinner

And here is a photo of a basket of Mandarin oranges - "kam" in Cantonese which has the same pronunciation as gold, and is a must for the Chinese New Year.

Mandarin oranges or
Mandarin oranges or "kam"

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