Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hotels in Amsterdam

Malaysians are great traveler, and travel all over the world, including Amsterdam, and Amsterdam is a great place for Malaysian to visit, especially as there are direct flights to Amsterdam by the Malaysian carrier MAS. Around the 70's, large numbers of scholarships were offered to Malaysians to do their post-graduate studies in Belgium and I was among the group of Malaysians who spent a number of years studying there. However, we not only study, we are not 100% bookworms. When we have the opportunity, we also traveled to the neighboring countries and one of them is the Nederland, which was extra interesting because their Dutch language and the local dialect of the Dutch language, Flams, or Flemish, is very similar to the Dutch language. One of the interesting city that is within easy reach from Ghent, Belgium, was Amsterdam. That was history.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, unless you have friends or relatives there who are willing to put you up with a night or two, you will need to find a hotel in Amsterdam to stay in. If you need to do that, you can search, and book for hotels in Amsterdam through Hotels in Amsterdam, easytobook. All you need to do at Hotels in Amsterdam, easytobook is to key in your arrival and departure dates, the currency (Euro, USD or pound) and click "search" to find the best hotel that suits your needs.

And to make life even easier for you Hotels in Amsterdam, easytobook has a map search function at Easy Map Search. Just key in the location, arrival and departure time, and a location map like the one below will appear to guide you:

Amsterdam Hotels Easy Map Search

Hotels in Amsterdam, easytobook also has an Advanced Search where you enter your arrival and departure time, currency you want to be quoted in, Star rating, room type (1 to 5 persons), range of room prices you are prepared to pay, location, and tick the type of services and facilities you want available.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, may I wish you a smooth journey and a pleasant stay.

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