Thursday, March 29, 2007

Testing blogging from Photobucket

Descartes said 'I think, therefore I am. Enviroman says, I think, therefore I reduce, reuse and recycle

Testing blogging direct from Photobucket. The test is a failure in my view. I have more than 1 blog in my Blogger account, and had expected to be given a choice to which blog I want to "share" when I click the "Share" button. However, that choice was not given, and Photobucket published the photo to the first blog in the Blogger account, which happened to be this one. Further, the cartoon was published in its full size and in FireFox, the cartoon extended into the right sidebar. In Internet Explorer, this cartoon would push the sidebar to the bottom of the page. I have to edit the post and added the attribute width="395" to the <img> tag to get the cartoon to fit into the main column. Further, Photobucket didn't give me any chance to add some text, and just the photo was published. This paragraph was added by editing the post.

I did this test because I had written a post Adding images to your blog and had written about using Photobucket to blog directly with a photo uploaded there and had described how to publish images using the <img> tag, but felt the post would be incomplete without writing something about blogging the photo direct from Photobucket

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