Saturday, June 23, 2007

Credit card payments for durians!

Now you can even use credit cards to pay for your purchase of durians! Apparently a bank has approached durian sellers offering credit card payment processing and it looks like at least 3 durian stalls have accepted. For example, a makeshift durian stall at Jalan Van Praagh in Penang has a banner saying “We accept Master and Visa” hanging outside the stall. Two other durian stalls in Relau and Mt Erskrine are also accepting credit card payments.

Seng Durian Enterprise owner Ngang Boon Seng said that business has been good as customers tend to buy more using credit cards. One customer recently bought RM800 (USD232) worth of durians using credit card. He accepts credit card payments for purchases above RM40. Another durian purchaser, retired driving instructor Loh Hoon Wan, used his credit card to buy RM100 (USD29) worth of durians as presents to my relatives and friends. “Buy now and worry later,” he said.

Hopefully credit card owners don't go overboard and get into financial problems later.

All about durians, the king of fruits

Source: TheStar

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