Monday, June 18, 2007

Durian contest for foreigners (tourists)?

Durian has been hailed the king of fruits. It has also been described as taste of heaven and smell of hell. For me? There is no "hell" in the smell. I love the smell and the taste. I just don't like the prices.

Encik Akbarudin Nasurdin, the head of Penang's Federal Agricultural Marketing Association (FAMA) organised a durian-eating contest for foreigners (tourists). Tourists were brought to the contest held in the Penang Fruits and Food Festival at the Cultural House from the hotels. The tourists entered the Cultural House, took a whiff, and refused to proceed further. Perhaps the durian smell is to them as the smell of blue cheese is to me. The blue cheese smell like sweaty shoes. I suppose I can't blame them.

The organisers had to cancel the contest. They attributed the failure to the age of the tourists involved. The next time they say they will concentrate on younger tourists. Let's hope they succeed the next time.

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