Sunday, August 26, 2007

Asia Hotels Blog

Here is an interesting blog I came across - AsiaHotels Blog. Malaysia's Tourism Department tagline is "Malaysia, truly Asia, and I can find 3 out of 4 categories in the Categories List in the right sidebar - China (2 posts at time of publishing), India (one post at time of publishing) and Thailand (two posts at time of publishing) which races are represented in Malaysia's population, the last one to a much smaller degree, mainly in the north.

This must be a fairly new blog as the oldest post I could find is dated Jul.13.2007 at Top 5 Ways to Spot Lady Boys in Thailand which give some good tips if you don't want to get entangled with sex change individuals. The second oldest post was dated July 16 2007 at 5 Weirdest Thing Chinese Eat in Guangzhou which may turn off westerners used to blander stuff, but will be of great interest to the Chinese diaspora who may not find such stuff in their adopted home country.

I could not find Malaysia in their Categories List, but hopefully Malaysia will get a spot there in due time, as Malaysia is an inseparable part of Asia.

As the blog looked like it only started in July, I am sure if you surf to that site in the future, you will find many more interesting posts about food, life, culture, etc. of Asia, and of course I look forward to finding posts on Malaysia.


  1. I found Malaysia to be alot of fun. I went to the Perhentian Islands and to Kuala Lumpur then went out ot Sipadan to do some adventure scuba diving with sharks.

    Malaysia hotels in Kuala Lumpur were like most Asia Hotels with the cheap hotel rooms being small but comfortable just like the Hotels in Singapore. Bukit Bintang was a great area to base from. The Starbucks has free WiFi!

    I plan to go back soon.

  2. Hi EcoSea,

    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. Hope you spread the good news about Malaysia around. We look forward to your return visit.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
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  3. I really love to travel around the world.Malaysia is one of the best place of my.