Friday, September 07, 2007

Malaysians have to change attitude to succeed

Here is a PowerPoint presentation forwarded to me by my daughter with a message to forward it to those I love. I love Malaysia and will like it to succeed, so here is the presentation for all Malaysians to view and to think about. Use the thin vertical scroll bar at the right to scroll down the presentation.

When Singapore was separated from Malaysia, we were about equal. Malaysia have the advantage of being blessed with plenty of natural resources like plenty of land, rubber and oil palm plantation, forests for logging and ecotourism, tin, petroleum, even a bit of gold. Singapore is only a small island and has none of these. Yet Singapore is now much more advanced than Malaysia. When the separation occurred, the national airline, Malaysia Air System was split into two - Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Singapore Airlines (SIA). SIA CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. C.K. Cheong (now retired and probably taken Singapore citizenship) happened to be my former Statistics lecturer in the University of Malaya and a Malaysian. He led SIA to become one of the world's most successful airlines in the world while MAS had to be bailed out of trouble by the Malaysian Government.

Why the big difference? All Malaysians, especially our politicians, have to think deeply about it if we are to survive in this globalised world. Hopefully, the PowerPoint above help show us the way.


  1. The addition of the PowerPoint to this blog post is a wonderful idea!
    The message the slides contain is absolutely outstanding!!
    Thank you for sharing with the world.

  2. Hi Magnum Vox,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
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