Sunday, September 23, 2007

Should non-Muslims in Malaysia have a say regarding Malaysia becoming an Islamic state?

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Pray for Malaysia: Should non-Muslims in Malaysia have a say regarding Malaysia becoming an Islamic state?.


  1. My own or personal view bearing in mind I do not reside in Malaysia and am Australian is that it should not become an Islamic State.
    That was not the intention when Malaysia was granted Merdekka by the then British government of the day.
    I have found on latter visits to Malaysia the last one in June 1996 was that Malays have better privileges than other races eg Chinese, Indian etc. to me and no doubt to non Malays this is most unfair, making it an Islamic state will make this problem far worse, indeed it has already.

  2. I left a comment on here I am certain possibly you deleted it I know not why but I don't think Malaysia should be an Islamic state at all to my thinking it is multicultural

  3. Will a fair-minded Muslim impose the Islamic state upon me and my family over our objections?

    YES. In an Islamic state, it will not matter if you are Muslim or "dhimmi," you still are obligated to obey the law. Sharia law.

    Whizzed is right; you DO NOT WANT an Islamic state. Ask the average Iranian--yes, a Muslim Iranian. They do not like living under the rule of mullahs!

    Your women, non-Muslims too, will be treated as second-class citizens; certainly not they way they are accustomed to. You WILL be paying jizya AND regular taxes. It is like a penalty for not following "Allah." The ladies of Malay Women may be kind and perfectly lovely, but I assure you, they will not be setting the rules. The men in power will be, and they will not be as accomodating of your questioning as Malay Women might be. They WILL NOT.

    No, no, no. No non-Muslim should allow this, and of course you have every right to object to it! You are a citizen of Malaysia! It is your country too!

    Do you love your country? Would you be happy to leave forever? Because you will, if/when Malaysia falls to Islamic rule. Fight it! Fight for Malaysia's heritage! Fight for FREEDOM!