Friday, October 19, 2007

Interesting travel blog site: An opportunity to promote Malaysia

This site, travel blog, is a very interesting site. It allows you to write a free blog about your travel, uses a WYSIWYG editor to prepare your blog so you don't need to know any HTML. To start a free travel blog, all you need to do is to click on "Free Travel blog" realtravel free travel blog button at the top of the page. I don't know why RealTravel wants to make signing up to create a blog a 2 steps process, for in the next page, you will have to click a "Get your free travel blog" realtravel get your free travel blog button button. Only then can you sign up for an account. They could have made the process much simpler.

Anyway, I did that, sign in and created a blog Malaysia, truly Asia with descriptions of what you can find in Malaysia plus lots of links back to this blog.

However, RealTravel is not only about creating travel blogs. It also allows you to search for travel blogs. I tried searching using the search term "Malaysia" and found lots of blogs, and had a hard time finding the blog I created because there were too many and mine was probably deep in the result pages. So I changed tactic and used the search term "Malaysia, truly Asia" and got search result page for "Malaysia, truly Asia". My newly created travel blog was listed as the first result (at the time of publishing).

You can also use RealTravel to plan your travel at Plan your Perfect Trip with a FREE Trip Planner. You can try it out yourself if you are going on a trip, which hopefully, will be an intra-Malaysia travel trip. Let us not waste foreign exchange by going abroad when there are so much to see in Malaysia. As for me, I am staying at home. stuck in front of the computer, (probably just traveling a bit around the place where I stay as I attend to various things and to take some digital photos for this blog.

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