Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How Malaysians celebrate New Year

Most Malaysians celebrate New Year 1st January the way others around the world celebrate New Year. Many go watch the usual fireworks at 12 midnight:

Other Malaysians celebrate New Year's Eve by going for concerts like those featuring Malaysian singers such as Mawi, M. Nasir, Awie and Wings, Malay cultures like ghazal music, or Chinese culture like a Chinese lion dance and even Indian cultures like Indian dances. Some may go for dinner and hotels and make lots of noise at 12 midnight. This is more dangerous, but some do get drunk. But let's hope they don't go driving around.

How Penangites celebrate New Year

Penangites are residents of Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. Here are how some Penangites celebrated the beginning of 2008. They celebrated 1st January 2008 in jail. Twenty-six youngsters aged between 15 and 21 on Penang Island were jailed for creating disturbances at Gurney Drive and the Esplanade. They sprayed vehicles with artificial snow and started fights. Not only that, when policemen arrived to help calm down the disturbances, the boisterous youths threw empty spray cans at the policemen. To make matters worst, they verbally abused the policemen. The over enthusiastic youths were charged with vandalism and fighting in public areas. A man and a woman were also arrested for selling cans of artificial snow in Gurney Drive.

How Ipoh residents celebrate New Year

Another 66 Mat Rempits (illegal motorcycle racers who frequently show off their riding skills with stunts) 18 to 28 years of age celebrated New Year with police summons and getting their motorcycles sized by the police for illegal racing on a public road (Jalan Brash beside the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreational Park in Ipoh). One of them celebrated 1st January, 2008 in jail after being tested positive for drug.

How Sabahans celebrate New Year

Some Sabahans celebrate New Year in a less conventional way. They go throw themselves into the rivers or the sea to "buang sial" or to get rid of bad luck. Alongside them may be others celebrating New Year by having barbecue parties on the beach.

How New Year is celebrated in Laos

How strange! The Lao people celebrate New Year in almost the same way. Wonder if it is for the same objectives

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