Thursday, March 20, 2008

Map Pantai Seafood Restaurant Jalan Cempaka

From entrance to Taman Megah along the LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong) highway, follow the green line in the map below (click to enlarge and follow the green line):

map to Pantai Seafood Restaurant Jalan Cempaka

Instructions to get from Taman Megah to Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Cempaka

From the entrance to Taman Megah along the LDP highway:

landmark entrance Taman Megah

Enter into Taman Megah. You will have to go right up to the T-junction (terrace houses visible from photo above) and at the left will be the Taman Megah sport center:

landmark Taman Megah sport center

Turn right at the T-junction. At the second junction, at the traffic light, you will see a row of single storey shop houses:

landmark Taman Sea single storey shophouse

Turn left at the traffic light and go to right to the end of the road till you meet a T-Junction. At the time of publishing, there will be a traffic light and in front, you will see some billboards:

landmark T-junction billboards turn right to Damansara Jaya Uptown

Turn right at this T-junction which is also a traffic light. This main road will be heading towards Damansara Jaya Uptown and also the road from Damansara Utama Uptown to the toll plaza to the Plus East-West Expressway. There will be a secondary road running parallel to this main road. As soon as you see a turning into the secondary road, along which will be terrace houses, turn left into it, then turn right (that is, you will still be heading in the same direction, but on the secondary road parallel to the main road). Go right to the end and you will see a road signboard "Jalan Jenjarom":

landmark road signboard Jalan Jenjarom

At this point, there is only one way which is to turn left. Shortly, you will see a thatch roof restaurant, "Restoran Damansara Village", on the right:

landmark Restoran Damansara Village

Go straight right till the end until you reach a T-junction. Just before you reach the T-junction, you will cross a small bridge over a large drain:

landmark bridge over drain before reaching Jalan Cempaka

When you reach the T-junction, Jalan Cempaka, if you see the road sign below:

landmark road sign Jalan Cempaka

you can then be sure you are on the right track. Turn right at this T-junction and a short distance away, you will see the Pantai Seafood Restaurant signboard:

landmark signboard Pantai Seafood Restaurant

Another few meters and you would have arrived at your destination - the Pantai Seafood Restaurant:

Pantai Seafood Restaurant

Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Cempaka
Kampung Kayu Ara

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