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Malaysia United Arab Emirates relations

Malaysia and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) have close relations. Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country but with a majority Muslim population and has Islam as its official religion as provided for in its Constitution. Almost all Muslims in Malaysia are of the Sunni sect. The Shiite Muslim in Malaysia I think will find it hard to practice their faith in Malaysia as it is officially frowned upon. Nearly all citizens of UAE are Muslims with approximately 85 percent of them Sunni. There are close business relationships between the two countries also, especially in the Islamic banking sector and Halal food. It has been reported that Middle East countries investors including Abu Dhabi state investment agency Mubadala Development and Dubai-based property developer Saraya Holdings are putting in huge investments into the Iskandar development zone in Johore. Actually, one of the most successful free economic zone operators, Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) was supposed to manage the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), but because of differences with its Malaysian counterparts, have pulled out.

Tourism between Malaysia and UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Many residents of the Middle East countries including UAE now visits Malaysia during the hot months, especially the 7/11 Twin Tower tragedy, and Malaysia is going all the way out to make their stay in Malaysia comfortable. Malaysians too have every reason to visit UAE which have various attractions that Malaysians would be interested in visiting. Muslims from Malaysians will be very comfortable there as they will have absolutely no problems getting Halal food plus there would be many mosques for them to perform their religious obligations.

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Dubai Emirates and Dubai City

Dubai Emirates is one of the Emirates of UAE with the biggest population. It has made a name for itself for its innovative real estate projects as well as its highly successful Jebel Ali free zone. Dubai City is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and is also home to Dubai International Airport, a major hub rated the 27th busiest airport in the world in 2007. The 3 times I traveled to Europe (London, Geneva and Brussels) I had to stop over in the Dubai International Airport. Dubai will eventually have the tallest man-made structure in the world, Burj Dubai.

Burj Dubai tallest building in the world
Photo of Burj Dubai is property of Pete the painter

Burj Dubai will dwarf our Malaysian Petronas Twin Tower and many skyscrapers when it is completed in September 2009. Then there is this very interesting building, Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) constructed on an artificial island and is a hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Burj Al Arab
Photo of dhow sail boat is property of Pete the painter

The hotel claims for itself a 7 star rating, but others rated it as 5 stars. It was designed by British architect Tom Wright of WS Atkins PLC (Private Limited Corporation). Its architecture is inspired by the sail the sail of a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails. A lateen is a triangular sail set on a long yard mounted at an angle on the mast. See photo of dhow below:

dhow tradition Arab sail boat
Photo of dhow sail boat is property of Hobbs Luton

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Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi City

In terms of land area, the Emirates of Abu Dhabi is the largest of United Arab Emirates, representing a very significant 86% of its land area. It is also the richest. Its capital is Abu Dhabi City is practically a city of expatriates with expatriates representing about 80% of its residents.

Attractions that you may be interested in visiting may be the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi which is a living museum where you can see the lifestyle and traditions of Bedouin features, take photos of tents, courtyard houses and see an ancient irrigation system plus visit workshops where craftsmen ply their trades.

Another tourist draw is the Al Hosn Palace which is also referred to as the White Fort. It is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi is the Al Hosn Palace and was built in 1793 serving as the official residence of the former ruling family. In 1983, extensive renovations were done and now it houses the Cultural Foundation which is a museum exhibiting traditional artifacts and historical photographs. What made Al Hosn Palace is the beautiful tile work over its main gate.

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