Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Malaysian newly wed in Greece

My daughter and her husband had their first vacation oversea as a married couple in Greece. Both of them love sea sport, and a place like Chania, Crete, Greece would be a great place for them to visit. Look at the photo of the harbour of Chania below:

Chania harbor Crete Greece
Photo of Chania harbor is property of Extra Ketchup

I am sure they would love to sail in one of these sail boats. Whatever it is, if they want to visit Chania, they probably would have to take a ferry ride from the mainland of Greece, for Crete is an island. It is in fact the largest island of Greece, and Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Chania city itself have many interesting ancient buildings with interesting Venetian and Turkish architecture plus museums if your are interested in Chania's history.

You can probably find affordable accommodation in Chania as according to that website, you can get Chania hotels from just 30 Euros per night. Now if only Air Asia X have flights to Greece. I might be tempted to visit Chania myself on one of those "tickets from RM9.99" budget flights.

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