Monday, May 12, 2008

Branding and hotels in Malaysia and Australia

Readers Digest has a series on famous Malaysian brands. For business and marketing, branding is very important. Lots of things can be branded, not just products. Even services can be branded. Among services which had been branded, hotels and associated services are included. Tune Hotel is a local Malaysian brand and is part of the very successful Air Asia (click BACK button to get back to this page) and uses about the same business model.

Sheraton Hotels

There are other hotel brands very well known. Among one of the best known one are Sheraton Hotels. I had a reunion dinner at Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya on the first day of the recent Chinese New Year with my children plus my grandson. The photo below is that of the luxurious lobby of a Sheraton Hotel in Sydney, Australia where I have 2 nieces and a nephew and which my brother- and sister-in-law very often visits (I mean Sydney, not that Sheraton Hotel):

Sheraton Hotel lobby in Sydney
Photo of Sheraton Hotel lobby, Sydney, is property of Ernesto Andrade

Just as Sheraton Hotel is a very well known hotel brand in Malaysia, I am pretty sure that Sheraton Hotel is just as well known in Australia. I will check with my nieces and nephews, sister- and brothers-in-law from Sydney and sister's family in Melbourne, Australia when I bump into them. According to Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, their hotels are conveniently located, equipped with wireless high speed internet access, the usual swimming pools, whirlpool, sauna, fitness center, etc. It seems some rooms even have its own all-in-one fax, copier and printer. These kind of facilities are likely to appeal to business travelers

Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels are another hotel brand that exudes class and luxury as we have such Radisson Hotels in Malaysia. Look at the one in Shanghai, China:

Radisson Hotel, Shanghai, China
Photo of Radisson Hotel, Shanghai, China is property Marc van der Chijs

Here is a photo of the revolving restaurant at the top of the hotel:

Revolving restaurant, Radisson Hotel, Shanghai, China
Photo of Revolving Restaurant, Radisson Hotel, Shanghai, China, is property of Marc van der Chijs

The photo of a luxurious Radisson Hotel Sydney room shows a very spacious hotel room and huge double beds. The photo is property of Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney. Radisson Hotels provide high-speed wireless Internet access, meeting and banquet facilities, in addition to online meeting and event planning tools. Radisson Hotels should be another darling of business travelers.

Rydges hotels and accommodation

Rydges Hotel room Sydney
Photo of Rydge Hotel room in Sydney is property of tiredcynic

Just as Malaysia is trying to create its own hotel brands like Tune Hotel, similarly Australia too has its own hotel brand
Rydges hotels
. However, rather than developing budget hotels, Rydges Hotels are in the 3-4 star range and the 3.5 to 4.5 star range and they have expanded to New Zealand, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the United Kingdom. Rydges Hotels also cater to business travelers with a range of conference facilities. Rydges Hotels have not yet come to the shores of Malaysia.


Travelodge is a series of hotel chains around the world including Australia, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia however many of these are operated by independent companies who have no connection with the brand operating in other countries.

Photo of Travelodge room is property of Ewen Roberts

Travelodge room looks pretty basic, rather like Tune Hotel of Air Asia, Malaysia. I think Travelodge accommodation is for budget travelers and if so, then Tune Hotel probably would like to keep Travelodge out of Malaysia if they can.

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