Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Dinner at Restoran 33, 88 SS3 Petaling Jaya

This is Restoran 33, SS3, Petaling Jaya:

Restoran 33 SS3 Petaling Jaya

Restoran 33 is located in front of the SS3 Petaling Jaya football field. It used to have hawker's stalls. Now it only have 1 restaurant - Restoran 88 or Stop Look Go Restaurant. There are altogether 3 restaurant in these 2 rows of shop houses, this one is relatively new (a few months old) and not as busy as the other 2. This was why my children decided to belanjar (give a treat) me on Father's Day.

They have a menu book with the restaurant's name, address and hand phone numbers of 2 contacts on its front page:

Restoran 88 menu book

Inside the menu book are photos of dishes available plus their prices:

restoran 88 fish menu

These are the dishes we had for the dinner:

Malay Chicken and Egg Omelette

Above are what they call "Malay Chicken" and "Egg Omelette". The "Malay Chicken" is chicken steamed with ginger, black fungus and Chinese herbs.

The other dishes we had were:

fried tau foo
fried tau foo

lemon chicken
lemon chicken

fried vege
fried vegetable

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