Saturday, June 07, 2008

I like Germany: Superior Technology, Sweet Reminiscence, German Language (delete)

Why this Malaysian likes Germany

This Malaysian (me) likes Germany. Why? Reasons:

German Technology is superior

Germany's technology is way above other countries. When I was teaching Wood Technology, we used a book published by Springer Verlag (Verlag is German for publishing house) as text. 30 over years ago, this Malaysian own and drove around a Volkswagen, a very hardy and reliable German car. When I visited Germany, I was impressed with the punctuality of the public transport. Malaysian has a lot to learn in this aspect (punctuality). German buses and trains arrive on time. Malaysian buses and trains follow Malaysian (rubber - elastic) time, if you know what I mean.

Sweet Reminiscence

My classmate went to Germany 30 over years ago to work. I started learning the German language, also some 30 years ago. That helped a lot when I became a post-graduate student in the Flemish (a dialect of Dutch language) speaking part of Belgium. I love sauerkraut and the frankfurter. My niece is married to a German and now living in Frankfurt. I visited Germany a few times when I was studying in Belgium, and then again en route to and from Geneva International Invention exhibition. Berlin was out of the way and is one city I could not visit. I would love to visit Germany again, especially Berlin.

Accommodation in Germany

When I last visit Frankfurt on the way back from Geneva, we stayed in a very nice German hotel. The Internet was not as well established as now and we had to depend on my niece to book accommodation in advance of our arrival. Now it is very easy to book online any Berlin Hotels

Switzerland and Austria


While I have visited Switzerland thrice, I really love Switzerland, especially in winter time up in the skiing resorts. We stayed in Grindelwald and it was just lovely. Again, my family had to go through the chore of hunting for suitable accommodation on arrival, not a pleasant experience and a waste of tourist time. Next time I will probably book online at websites like Switzerland Hotels


One country I missed during my sojourn in Europe is Austria. Austria, like Germany and Switzerland, is German speaking. I would like to see what Austria has to offer. For accommodation, I would probably try Austria Hotels

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