Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Advantages of Public Transport - LRT, Bus, Walk

Since getting the aspiration to live a Dream Driven Life(TM) and aiming to author a book of the same title plus to head the AIA Life Insurance Agency using the name KL/Legacy (Kuala Lumpur Legacy, I have become more knowledgeable about insurance. I am also environmentally concious. With the added incentive of saving money on now expensive petrol and also aiming to reduce the premium for personal accident insurance so trying my very best to cut down riding a motorcycle (if you declare you ride a motorcycle frequently, a loading will be imposed on the premium for personal accident insurance), I have now reverted to using the public transport as much as possible.

There are many advantages of using public transport like the Putra and LRT (light rail transit)and buses. Among them are:
  1. it is 100 times safer than riding a motorcycle

  2. the premium for personal accident insurance is cheaper

  3. save money because petrol prices have increased while the fare for public transport have not
  4. I get chauffered, I can sit down and read during the journey
    reduced green house emission and thus help fight global warming

  5. no need to go round and round hunting for parking

  6. no need to pay expensive parking charges

  7. no need to pay toll

  8. get exercises and stay healthy

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