Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Location map pothole Jalan Semangat 13/4

There is a dangerous pothole at the junction of Jalan Semangat and Jalan 13/4, Petaling Jaya, just after Colgate Palmolive factory and before Jaya 33. The location is indicated by a red dot and red arrow in the map below (click to enlarge):

map Jalan Semangat, Jalan 13/4, Colgate Palmolive, Jaya 33, Jaya Supermarket, Masjid Tun Abdul Aziz, DAP Headquarter

LOCATION: The pothole is on Jalan Semangat, after Masjid Tun Abdul Aziz, imediately after Colgate Palmolive factory, before Jaya 33. The pothole is right at the corner when you turn from Jalan 13/4 into Jalan Semangat.

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