Saturday, September 13, 2008

Candlelight Vigil Bukit Aman ISA detainees

The authoritarian authorities has again abused their power and arrested RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin), Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng under the ISA (Internal Security Act). According to Haris Ibrahim, a Human Rights lawyer, Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI translation: Movement to Abolish ISA) together with other friends and other NGO (Non-Government Organizations) will hold a candlelight (solidarity) vigil for Raja Petra Kamarudin, MP Teresa Kok and Sin Chew Daily Journalist Miss Tan Hoon Cheng who has been arrested under the draconian ISA.

Date: 13 September 2008 (today, Saturday)
Place: Bukit Aman Entrance
Time: 8.30 pm

Below is a location map of Bukit Aman (click map to enlarge):

location map of Bukit Aman Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Bukit Aman is just opposite Daya Bumi and the GPO (General Post Office) across Jalan Jalan Hishamuddin and Jalan Kinabalu. It is a short walk from the Pasar Seni LRT Station.

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