Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tang Lung (Lantern) Moon Cake Festival at Tamna Jaya

There will be a Pesta Tang Lung-cum fruits (Lantern cum fruits festival) at Taman Aman in Section 14 to celebrate the Moon Cakes festival.

Date: 13 September 2008
Venue: Taman Aman, PJ

Among the activities planned are a Lion Dance Performance plus a walk-about with lanterns (lanterns parade). Food such as Moon cakes and Fruits will be served. The food including the moon cakes will be Halal (kosher or not forbidden) so Muslims can join in the festival. Admission, the food and lanterns are free on a first com first served basis

If you do not know the location of Taman Jaya (Sucess Garden), below is a location map of Taman Jaya which has a tasik (lake):

location map Taman Jaya Section 14

You are encouraged to use the public transport. The Taman Paramount LRT station is just beside Taman Jaya.

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