Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kampong Jawa Melaka Arab Village

Location of Kampong Jawa, Melaka

Kampong Jawa or Java Village, Melaka (Malacca), is located at Latitude. 2.1666667° and Longitude. 102.3166667° (source: Where is Kampong Jawa?).

Location maps of Kampong Jawa, Melaka

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Location of Kampong Jawa is indicated by a "pin"

About Kampong Jawa Melaka

Kampong Jawa was a 19th-century Javanese village in Melaka. Its name actually a misnomer as it is currently not mainly populated by descendants of Javanese from Indonesia, but have evolved over the centuries to a few rows of double-storey pre-war shoplots and semi-wooden premises offering a myriad of household items, clothing and other knicks and knacks for sale run by mainly Chinese. The only vestige (trace) of its Javanese-Malay origin is the presence of a 56-year-old surau (prayer house) next to the riverbank.

However this may not last as there are plans by the Malacca State Government to acquire this quaint "village" and turn it into an Arab village for tourists from the prosperous Middle East. So if you want to visit this heritage "kampong" you will have to do it soon before it disappear.

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