Saturday, February 27, 2010

The BN government and Security Companies

Unfortunately, the current BN (Barisan Government) Federal Government is not governing Malaysia with blatant abuses of power including using the PDRM (Polis di Raya Malaysia or Royal Malaysia Police) as witnessed by selective harassment and persecution of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat MP (Member of Parliament) and ADUN (Ahli Dewan Undang Negara or Member of the State Assembly) while blatantly ignoring police reports lodged against the people associated with the ruling coalition. Worst, police personnel are wrongly deployed with a large majority in administrative work, used as a tool of the ruling political while neglecting real and especially serious crime like snatch thieves, robbery, house break-ins, etc.

The Malaysian public has never been as fearful and most have turned to private security companies to protect them their families and homes. I have surveyed the houses in my city and found many signboard stuck on the facade of houses proclaiming "Secured by ADT" (or something to that effect) which I suspect is the provided by ADT home security

The public is so fearful and disgusted with the widespread corruption and the now judiciary and police of ill repute that many are migrating to the United States of America, with most preferring to go to California and Florida because of similar weather.

Apparently there are also ADT in Florida as well as ADT in California.

While previously whenever people asked me if I would abandon Malaysia and emigrate elsewhere, my answer had always been no, this is my home for life. However, because of worsening of the political situation, my response now is, looks like I need to consider it seriously.

However, there are mitigating factors. While previously, there are very few Malays
who would oppose the current discredited BN Government and voice out their protests and opinions, now they are many. So perhaps I will still stay.

But for those who are already in California and Florida, it would be great if they would leave their comments and voice out their opinions of ADT in FL and ADT in CA.

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