Friday, January 01, 2010

Honda cars and the EK series

My son has a fascination with Honda cars. When his friend wanted to buy a car, he recommended to her the Honda EK. This Honda model is so popular that when she had to leave for another country for further education, her Honda EK was sold with a small profit even after being used for a number of years.

When my son stopped depending on his Mini Minor car for general transport and bought another car, guess what car he bought? No price for the correct answer - it was another Honda EK.

I asked him what is so special about the Honda EK? He said that the engine is so good that in car races it often put other cars of bigger engine capacities to shame. I guess he proved it because he showed me that website which proved that he actually came out second ahead of many cars of bigger engine capacities.

When my sister-in-law came back after her post-graduate education in France, guess what car she bought? It was another Honda car - the Honda Accord.

Well, any car however good cannot escape the inevitable - car repair and maintenance. If you happen to reside in California, take a look at San Francisco auto repair.

One major item for regular maintenance is the timing belt. Timing belt wears out with constant use and if not replace in time, may break. Timing belt snapping while the engine is running will cause horrendous damages to the engine requiring major and very expensive repairs. So do change your car timing belt at recommended interval even if your car happens to belong to the amazing Honda EK engine series.

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