Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tragedy: Demolishing Jaya Supermarket Petaling Jaya

The multi-storey mall and car park which every Petaling Jaya residents refer to as Jaya Supermarket was the first mall and supermarket in Petaling Jaya which many consider historical, especially when the first effort to demolish it with numerous excavators for rebuilding resulted in a tragedy. The structure collapsed prematurely and 2 workers were buried alive and died.

See below some historical photos and videos of this second demolishing:

3 excavators demolishing PJ's Jaya Supermarket
3 excavators in process of demolishing the historical Jaya Supermarket

Worker spray water to control dust during Jaya Supermarket demolishing
A worker spraying water to control dust

Historical video of the demolishing of Jaya Supermarket

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