Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding a pair of spectacles that fit

In my younger days, I always had problems with my spectacles which frequently caused eyes aches then followed by headache. That was until I found Metro Optic Care Sdn Bhd, ground floor PKNS complex in Shah Alam near my place of work who fitted the first pair of spectacles to correct for my myopia (short-sighted) without the accompanying eye ache followed by headache.

However, as age caught up and I have problems reading, I have to start wearing bifocal/multifocal lenses. I can't remember when, but I started to be more comfortable reading without glasses and have been managing with just glasses for myopia. That was when the problem of misplacing and often losing my spectacles when I take off the spectacle for reading and then forgot about where I placed the spectacle.

I am now retired and hardly go to Shah Alam. That's when I heard about Malaya Optical, the eye experience boutique and that was the first time my eyes were screened for many things including glaucoma, cataract and retina problems with many sophisticated and expensive equipment.

I then decided to try using multifocal spectacle again and got one fitted at Malaya Optical @ Damansara Uptown. Yesterday was the first day I used my new multifocal spectacle and I am happy to report that it was OK the moment I put it on. I didn't even need a period of adjustment. No eye ache, no headache.

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