Monday, April 02, 2012

Selangor PDRM MyDistress Apps for emergencies

Now for those in distress (emergency) and needs help from police, aid is just fingertips away with Selangor MyDistress Apps for smart phones (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Java Phone).

Down load and install MyDistress Apps from Selangor MyDistress Apps and be ready for any emergencies. The system can locate victims who activated the distress call within only 2 metres.

Selangor PDRM MyDistress Apps for smart phones

This Apps is currently only available in Selangor which in trials which started from August last year was successful in helping a woman being robbed by 4 men armed with machetes with police coming to rescue within only 5 minutes with the 4 robbers arrested.

In another case a man who used the Apps when 4 machetes armed men broke into his house had police reaching his house within 6 minutes. The trespassers were arrested.

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