Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Robbery at 1 Utama Old Wing Car Park. Poor Security Guard response.

From an email forward

Dear all, please be aware when you are at outside, no matter where you are, especially at the parking inside the mall. This incident happened on 16{7/2012 which is yesterday night around 10pm at 1 Utarna Shopping Center, old wing LG floor car park.

An old man got punch by a malay guy, and he got robbed. There is no security guard around at all, and we cant even find a security guard that time. After reaching of the security guard, they want us to stop taking photo and keep chasing us leave, they are trying to cover up the issue.

And the best thing is, when I call 999, I got scolded by the police =.= "eh! cakap melayu, cakap me|ayu..." Excuse me sir, I know malay, I'mjust kinda panic at the moment because |'m used to speak english most of the time. And it take almost half an hour for them to come over.

There is a police station at Taman Tun right? Why took so long? What if people dying?
This is seriously unacceptable.

Please share this to all of your friends, love one, family, strangers.. Nowadays no matter shopping complex, or wherever are no longer safe, we gotta take extra care to our self, must be extreme alert when we are at outside.

Share! Share! Share!

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1 utama old wing car park robbery

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