Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX): A free online job exchange portal

Are you a Malaysian job seeker looking for a job or an employer seeking to fill your company's vacancy? Well, now both can register for free at Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX) to get what you seek for free, and conveniently online. And to my suprise, ELX is bilingual (Bahasa Malaysia and English).

ELX is developed by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources as a free job portal to help match employees and employers online. The Job Clearing System (JCS) is a primary application in ELX to ensure manpower utilization is optimized by systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies. As of 19 April 2007, an estimated 17,000 placements have been made at ELX. Available jobs are updated every second to ensure accurate statistics.

Job seekers can register at ELX and fill in their details and do job search. There is also an advanced search where you can search for job for specific industry at specific location.

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