Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kandis Resource Centre: Malay wood carving museum cum gallery in Bachok, Kelantan

At the Kandis Resource Centre, Kampung Kandis, Bachok, Kelantan, you will see a collection of exquisite Malay wood carvings, keris and other artefacts by the late master wood carver Nik Rashiddin Nik Hussein. It was set up as a centre for craftsmen, art lovers, artists and researchers to find information and compare notes on Malay culture and traditions. It is housed in a 185-year old Malay wooden house now run by his widow Rosnawati Othman together with Nik Rsshiddin's protege Norhaiza Noordin and brother Nik Rashidi.

The Kandis Resource Centre aims to serve as a repository of old and contemporary artefacts that illustrate traditional motifs and designs comprising sketches, recordings and videos demonstrating craftsmen's knowledge and skills plus a library of books on wood carving and cultural traditions.

The Kandis Resource Centre also conducts workshops and lectures for visitors, filling a void and acting as a teaching academy for students and postgraduate students to learn the traditions, philosophy, techniques and motifs associated with traditional Malay wood carving from the East Coast.

The Kandis Resource Centre is hands-on where you can look, touch and study the objects, view the videos of craftsmen. An interactive website is even in the plan for the future.

With funding from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage plus the Kelantan State goverment, Kandis Resource Centre is building a new gallery and resource centre next to the existing building.

Source: TheStar

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