Saturday, May 12, 2007

Malaysia Travel Market, a site for UK residents planning to travel to Malaysia

Here is a site, Malaysia Travel Market, for those who wants to have some information on Malaysia, or particlularly planning to travel to Malaysia. It is targetted towards residents of United Kingdom, but can be useful for those from other countries. This is a site that would be welcomed by the Tourism Malaysia department. In fact I saw a "Visit Malaysia 2007" logo at the bottom of the left sidebar (2007 is Visit Malaysia Year and is also the country's 50th anniversary of its independence as a colony of the United Kingdom. 2007 is touted as the best year to visit Malaysia).

There are convenient navigation links at the top of Malaysia Travel Market which can take you to pages offering more information on Malaysia by region and some major towns, information on visa requirements, a currency converter, and even on on Environment leading to a page on their Carbon Policy Statement, tips on lower carbon travel and a quick to carbon offset. When I first visited the site, I remembered clicking on a link that lead to sites showing how to offset the carbon emission generated by your travel, but am unable to find the link now. (Found it. A section is displayed at the top right of the page when you search for flights. The section display miles travelled, tonnes of CO2 emitted, cost of emission, plus an "OFFSET" link which takes you to a page giving you 3 choices of how you want to offset the CO2 emitted by your travel. Apparently, Malaysia Travel Market is a site that cares about the environment).

On top of those links are navigation tabs leading to some useful pages. The first tab - "Flight" leads you to a search engine where you can searh for flights by entering your departure and arrival points, dates after which you get a choice of airlines, travel agents and the fare offered. The second tab "Accomodation" gives a search engine where you enter your requirements and the search engine will search a number of websites for the best options matching your needs. There are many choices - locations, arrival and departure dates, accomodation types (All, Malaysia hotels, Holiday villas and apartments, island and resorts, spa and wellness, luxury.

I had less luck with the third tab - "Attractions" where I tried searching for museum but the search resulted in zero attractions found. This is despite me selecting Kuala Lumpur where I know there are a number of museums existing. Perhaps you can have better luck with other keywords. It was the same with the fourth tab "Car Hire" where I didn't get any result with my trial search. Perhaps it is because of the options I selected, or perhaps Malaysia Travel Market will improve these in the future.

There are 3 more tabs - "Touring", "Insurance" and "Tour Operators". You can try them for yourself by surfing over to Malaysia Travel Market.

One thing I believe will be a good option for Malaysia Travel Market to include - Medical Tourism which I believe is a good alternative for those seeking medical treatments. Read this review of medical tourism in Malaysia - Malaysia as a destination for medical tourism.

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