Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to contact Inland Revenue Board (Income Tax Department) when you have tax problems

If you have any problems regarding tax and will like to contact the Inland Revenue Board (IRB or Income Tax Department), you should send an email message to Puan Hasmah Abdullah (Chief Executive Officer) at If you have any suggestions to make, you can also email Puan Hasmah.

Puan Hasmah apparently released her email address to the media as a response to a directive from the Chief Secretary to the Government to improve the delivery system to the public.

I submitted my Income Tax return form last year via the post. I was supposed to get a refund. Last year, I didn't get any. This year, I submitted online, and this year I received a refund check via the post not very long after I submitted my Income Tax return online. However, there is no mention of whether that refund check was for last year or this year. So I am going to send an email enquiry to and see what is the response. Will update this post as soon as I get a response.

Update 17 June 2007: No reply to my email. Perhaps they were inundated with emails. Anyway there was an announcement in the newspaper on Friday 15 June 2007 that there will be a RM4 billion tax refunds by next month. This is what the Puan Hasmah, chief executive officer of IRB (Inland Revenue Board) assured those who have overpaid tax for 2006.

Update 19 June 2007: Got a response from Puan Hasmah:


Terima kasih atas emel yang dikemukakan.

2. Dimaklumkan bahawa kes tuan akan dirujuk ke cawangan berkenaan untuk perhatian dan tindakan segera.

Sekian, terima kasih. "



Thank you for your email.

Please be informed that your case will be referred to the branch involved for attention and immediate action.

Thank you.

Remark: Just wondering. Last year when I tried to submit my income tax return form at the branch, I was informed that all return forms must be sent to Pandan Jaya, a long way from where I stay, and something very inconvenient. If matters like this is handled by the branch involved, why require us to send our return form to such a far away place?


  1. I contacted Puan Hasmah and got the same respond. Some week later, one of the officer in Penang IRB called me saying that they want to audit my file. I obediently dig out all my document and meet the officer. The officer told me that I have fill the file wrongly sing 2004 but when I ask why didn't the contacted me earlier. Imagine what did they told me, " We will not check the file unless requested!!" This give me a feeling the IRB is a black hole- we pay when we underpay but there will be no return! Anyway after the "audit" I left the office after repeatedly asking is there any missing items. Few week later, I receive a letter from the IRB, imagine what!! The letter says that they cannot refund me my money because they need to audit my file again!! As a working mother of a disable son, I do not have any extra time going up and down the town to "audited"!! I am really fed-up with this kind of service and now I am assuming myself throwing my money to a deep sea with no return!!!

  2. Hi LY,

    I sympathise with you. Previously, they were very tardy with refunds. I have been through that. I have been upteen times to the Kelana Jaya branch, and each time, they will file a report, and give me a number to call. Maybe it is partly my fault because I did not call, but it was only recently they were very prompt with 1 year's refund. The previous year's refund is still hanging in the air.

    Anyway, I hope thing work out well for you in the end.

    Peter Blog*Star
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  4. if you are sending money to usa do you have to pay taxes on itand do you have to get a clearance certificate?

  5. I have send my income tax return form for year 2012 in early march[2013].I have not work for more than 16years and my income is from the dividen of my shares.I am suppose to have a rebate and up till now there is no news

  6. Anonymour 9:12PM, maybe you should go to Hasil Dalam Negara physically and enquire there?