Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visit Europe for a change

Europe consists of many countries. Countries and the climate of Europe are quite different from Malaysia. It has 4 seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the scenery can be quite different during the different seasons. There are many old and historical buildings and museums if you are interested in history. Food varies from country to country. Catholics would probably like to visit Vatican City in Rome. The Vatican City is considered a country of its own, separate from Italy and the smallest nation in the world. It has its own currency and issue its own postage stamps. And an interesting country is Netherlands (often incorrectly called Holland) because a large part of the country is below sea level. It is protected from the sea by dykes and water from the rivers have to be pumped out.

I was a student in Belgium for 2 years and have found many interesting things and some similarity with Malaysia. There are 3 major languages - Dutch, French and German. I was told they used to kill each other in the past and I just wonder how they differentiate one from another because to me, they all look the same. At least in Malaysia, you can differentiate the different groups by their appearance. Do they wait for somebody to speak before they kill him/her? If my memory is OK, I remembered they had some demonstrations over languages and the demonstrator had to be dispersed with water cannons. I was told the demonstrators were very happy because it was very hot that summer. Regarding languages, the difference between Belgium and Malaysia is in Belgium, all three major languages are official languages and all official publications have to be in the 3 languages. In Malaysia, there is only one official language - Bahasa Malaysia.

If you plan to visit Europe, it is good to book your accommodations in advance. One site where you can chose and book hotels online is Easy to Book, especially if you are planning to visit Amsterdam. You can read about all the attractions of Amsterdam at Amsterdam Tourist Attractions.

How about Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and located on the Mediterranean coast with a rich cultural heritage and interesting architectural buildings, some of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Barcelona also has a great number of museums and parks (68 of them). Book your Barcelona hotels at Barcelona hotels and accommodation.

Rome, the capital of Italy is another interesting city to visit. The Historic Centre of Rome is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A major tourist attraction of Rome is the Coliseum, a large amphitheatre. Another major attraction of Rome is the Vatican City, right in the center of Rome. I have visited Rome and one of the thing I like about it is that you can have your pizza fresh out of the oven on the streets of Rome. I was also fascinated by calzone, a stuffed or folded pizza. It is just like our Malaysian curry puff, only much bigger. Plan to visit Rome? Book your accommodation through Rome hotels and accommodation.

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