Friday, June 29, 2007

Malaysian, but will like to visit Sydney

I am a Malaysian, but I have a wish to visit Sydney. I have 2 nieces and a nephew there. What else attracts me there? I will also like to see the attractions of New South Wales and its capital city, Sydney. I will like to see the famous Opera House with its unique architecture. I will probably give its theatrical performances a miss though as I have not much interest in such things and it will probably be expensive. Then there is the unique Sydney Harbor Bridge. I may even be more adventurous and try to climb its steel arches and get panoramic views of Sydney Harbor and the city skyline from the top. The Sydney Harbor and Islands are nearby, so I will probably give them a tour too. I understand that there are ferries, yachts, launches, ocean liners and kayaks congregating around there. I may try kayaking around the harbor. I was told you can charter a yacht from one of the bays. I will probably give that a miss as it will probably be beyond my budget. A cruise on a vessel departing from Circular Quay or Darling Harbor may be more affordable. I may visit The Rocks & Circular Quay where Sydney's convicts used to stay. I understand it is now a maze of sandstone lanes, cul-de-sacs and courtyards, jam-packed with many shops, boutiques, pubs and restaurants, warehouses and terraces that were built in the early 19th century.

Then there are the Sydney Harbor beaches such as Obelisk Beach, Cobblers Beach, Washaway Beach and Reef Beach. Obelisk Beach and Cobblers Beach around Middle Head, are nude-bathing areas. That would be a novelty, but probably too much flesh around for me.

I will need accommodation and Cheap Sydney Hotels looks interesting as I am no millionaire. It is probably a better idea to book a Sydney City Hotels as I will then be nearer to the city's attraction and not have to travel far. Maybe even stay in one of the Darling Harbor Hotels to be nearer to places of attractions like the Chinese Garden of Friendship which was designed in China to celebrate the Australian Bicentenary and a gift to Sydney from its Chinese sister city of Guangdong. It should be interesting as it is specially designed by landscape architects and embraces principles dating back to the China's 5th century. Then there is the Cockle Bay Wharf which has budget outdoor eating places and posh restaurants.

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