Sunday, July 22, 2007

Malaysia, truly Asia

"Malaysia, truly Asia" - that is the tagline chosen by Tourism Malaysia to help promote Malaysia. I have previously posted about Snow in tropical Malaysia? (click BACK button to get back to this page). In there was a link to a blog about a sky resort which was created using RealTravel and I had indicated a desire to start a similar blog hoping to help promote Malaysia, my small contribution to my country. I have done that and you can see it at Malaysia, truly Asia.

I have just started and am slowing learning how to create a travel blog using RealTravel, and will be editing that blog entry when I can take time off my busy schedule. As mentioned in the earlier post, with RealTravel, you can explore places to visit by destination and at Popular Destinations in Southeast Asia, you can find Malaysia listed. Hopefully someone exploring that page will get to find my new travel blog created using RealTravel.

But creating travel blogs and exploring destinations are not the only thing you can do at RealTravel. There is also a trip planner where if you are planning a trip, you can add any number of itineraries to your travel plan, see your itinerary on a dynamic route map, do your research on the places you plan to visit, plus save your travel plan and then email them to your family, relatives, friends or even colleagues.

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