Monday, July 23, 2007

Responsibility of citizens: Please report problems to authorities. It may not affect us directly, but will affect us indirectly both locally+globally

Citizens of Malaysia and of Spaceship Earth which still have no life boat. Please report any problems when you see them to the proper authorities.

I went out this morning at 7.30am when it was already bright. I noticed that the street lamps were still on. As a responsible citizen of Malaysia and of Spaceship Earth (still with no lifeboat), I felt it is my job to inform the authorities. While this pure waste of electricity do not affect our pocket directly, it does affect us indirectly because the funds involved is public fund which is also our fund. Not only that, with global warming getting confirmed to be already happening (which is the opinions of the majority of scientists, but is also becoming apparent because the climate is clearly changing), it is important to conserve electricity in whatever ways we can. If we don't act, it may not cause us severe harm in our lifetime, but there is every possibility it will affect severely our future generations.

I first called Tenaga Malaysia (literally Energy Malaysia or the electric utility company of Malaysia) at telephone 15454 (electrical supply breakdown) and told them that the problem is not connected with electrical supply breakdown but is because the street lamps are still on when it is already bright and should be off. I was given the numbers 03-79557733 and 03-79541590 and ask for either Pengurus Kawasan or Pengurus Kanan (Area Officer or Senior Officer. It was scribbled too quickly and I can only guess). I tried the first number, couldn't get through. I tried the second number, got through, but was told the officer is at a meeting. I asked if I can leave a message and was given the go ahead.

When I went out again around 10am, I saw Tenaga's staff working at a lamp post. I ask if it is regarding a timer switch but was told they are working on a switch which will turn on when it is dark. I was walking to he bank and it was drizzling slightly, so I thought it was OK since I brought along an umbrella just in case. But I didn't go far before it started pouring and I turned back.

I went started walking again to the bank at about 1pm which is 20 to 30 minutes walk away, and to the hypermarket which is slightly further from the bank (if you are interested why I prefer to walk rather than take the car or motorbike, see Prevent Diabetes and Way out for city traffic congestion, air pollution and global warming?). On the way, I saw the street lamps at one street were also still on. I couldn't see a street signpost, so when I saw someone in the garden of the house, and ask if she would report the problem, and if she doesn't want to, could she give me the street address so that I can report the problem. She was not bothered to report herself as she says it is government money and is not important to her. Anyway she was kind enough to point me to a well hidden street sign. However, I didn't have a pen or paper but figured I can buy a pen and getting paper should be not problem. I can use the bank-in slip or the receipt from the hypermarket.

I got the pens plus the paper I needed and started walking home. I noticed still more streets where the street lamps were still on. They were Road SS5/17C, Road SS5A/17, Road SS5A/14, Road SS5A/13, Road SS5A/11 and Road SS5B/1. It was already about 2pm. One of them was a commercial street with shops. I spoke to a shop owner. He said he is not bothered because it is government's money and the government got lots of money. I wonder how individual, how many company and government workers have the same attitude and leave the air-conditioners and computers on even when they are not in the room for a long time. I know at least one, the one who shared an office with me when I was working. Multiply that to the rest of the country and to the world and we know the problems we are up against. The tidak-apa (never mind literally which should translate as couldn't care less) attitude of so many people is very disturbing. I just hope some get to read this post and hopefully change their attitude for the sake of fellow citizens, for the country, for the world, for the environment, for their children, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren......

Anyway the report had been made at the second phone number above, promptly answered and I believe they will do something about it.

And while some may not agree that it is the responsibility to support events like Candlelight Vigil for Revathi (and for Malaysia) (click BACK button to get back to this page), I hope those who are concerned for the country will lend their support to future similar events.

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