Wednesday, August 08, 2007

AllMalaysian Bloggers Project: Guide to Malaysia placed in top 20

Received the good news that this blog "Guide to Malaysia" has been selected to be placed in the top 20 blogs of the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project from some 800+ entries! I am deeply honored. We were also asked to put a "Vote" button in this blog, which has been duly done. It is the second from the top of the right sidebar. I hope you will help this blog along by voting for it. It will be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the organizers have made the voting system a bit complicated. You will have to register for a MyStar account. As a MyStar member, you can access the following MyStar services:
• 30-Day Archives
• Business Research Articles
• Classifieds Booking
• Contests
• Games
• My Portfolio
• Citizen's Blog
• Stock Charts

Once you have registered, you will have to go back to Guide to Malaysia again and click on the "Vote Me" button. This will again bring you to the "Submit a blog" page. However, this time, click on the "AM Bloggers Project" on the left sidebar. In the new page, click on Top 20 AllMalaysianBloggers, then click Vote for your top 5 blogs now.

If anyone have found a less torturous method of voting, please let us know by commenting in the COMMENTS below.

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