Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let us be more appreciative of our police

There are good cops and bad cops. There are some bad cops who take bribes and give the Malaysian Police (Polis Diraja Malaysia) a bad name. I am very sure there are plenty of good cops in our Malaysian Police (Polis Diraja Malaysia). Let us not allow a few black sheep's prevent us on appreciating the good cops, what they are doing to make our beloved country secure and safe for us, and what they have to go through in doing their jobs and the risks they expose themselves to. Think of, for example, the traffic police standing in the middle of a junction directing traffic to make traffic flow more tolerable during peak traffic hours to motorists. They stand expose to the moving vehicles and the possibility of being hit by a careless driver. Think of the air pollution they have to put up with. I wish that one day, I can stop briefly near them, wind down the window and say "terima kasih" (thank you). Unfortunately, I am retired and all my cars have been given to the children. I do drive on extremely rare occasions, but even if I should get such opportunity and do what I said I would like to do, the impatient motorists behind me are not going to be very happy, and that is saying it mildly.

Police put their lives at risk everyday. There are many good cops who loyally hold on to their principles of serving the public. Their acts are not publicised and frequently not appreciated by people because in the first place, they do not get onto the front page of the newspapers. Those pages are reserved for the ruling politicians in our country. People say bad things about the police force just because of a few black sheep. I think that is not fair. They don't know that every year, there are many who get killed or injured in the line of duty.

See what some of them have to endure in the line of duty:

Constable Peter Wong from the Brickfields police station on an operation against drug addicts was bitten by an addict, and as you know, drug addicts are highly likely to be also HIV/AIDS sufferer. The HIV virus can be transmitted via saliva. How would you like to be bitten by a such a person?

Then there is another cop who was in an anti-narcotics squad on a dadah raid in the Chow Kit area. Suddenly, he let out a scream. Asked what happened, he said "Aku kena cucuk," (I got jabbed) and then quickly rushed off to a nearby clinic. Unfortunately, I don't think the clinic can do much for him because the doctor there will not be able to help him get the HIV virus out of his system if he was unfortunate to be infected. And it will be some time before he can find out if he had been spared or infected.

Come on. Let us not allow a few black sheep prevent us from appreciating our police force who put their lives and welfare at risk in their line of duty.


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