Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another way to help promote Malaysia?

This blog was created to help promote Malaysia, my country, but just writing about Malaysia in this blog alone is not necessarily the only way to help promote Malaysia. One can also help promote Malaysia by writing about Malaysia in other blogs or websites or online hotel booking sites, preferably with a link back to this blog. I found this interesting online hotel booking site Welcome to Accommodation Line! which claims fast and secure access to over 30,000 hotels in 120 countries! And you know what. Malaysia is included. Don't believe me? Click on the logo and see where that leads you to.

Accommodation Line also have a blog AccomoBlog. I see they have Categories in its left sidebar which list Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America and the World, but no Asia. I also noticed they allow visitors to leave comments. I think I am going to add my comment to let them know that Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent with more than 60% of the world's population. While there is disparity between countries, Asia have some of the world' fastest growing economies. Some even predict that Asia may overtake the West one day in the future, if governed properly. I am going to say that it is a mistake not to include Asia in its Categories. I may even offer to write an article on Malaysia for their blog so that they can add a category "Asia" which will link to a page containing all posts on countries of Asia with Malaysia included. I think I am going to make that comment in one of the posts in the categories Archive for the ‘World’ Category. Then let us sit back and see what happens after that. Hopefully, we get some positive result.

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