Thursday, October 04, 2007

Time to visit Australia

I have close connections to Australia. My sister and family migrated to Melbourne after the May 13 racial riots and are still there. I have 2 nieces and a nephew studying in Sydney. I have a former colleague who migrated to Perth. I have a supportive fellow blogger in Queensland. My sister and family have come back to Malaysia to visit us numerous times. I am a bit ashamed to admit I have yet to reciprocate. My brother-in-law (father of my nieces and nephew in Sydney) has been pestering me to accompany him to visit Australia. I am pretty sure they will be going to witness their children's graduation from the Universities. Maybe it is about time to visit Australia.

Perhaps my first stop should be Sydney. My brother-in-law have been telling me how great is this Hillsong Church in Sydney and why I should pay that church a visit. Perhaps I will even synchronies the visit with one of their children's graduation. Then pop over to Melbourne to pay a long delayed visit to my sister. Not looking forward to Melbourne's infamous weather though.

I will need suitable accommodation if the visit really materialized. I now have the convenience of Internet unlike the days when I was traveling around Europe 30 years ago. Now I have the convenience of booking in advance my accommodation via sites like hotels in Sydney. I am now a humble pensioner and will have to go cheapskate (meaning cheap hotels). Perhaps I should try sites like cheap hotels. May get a good deal there.

It is always good to get some information about the places you intend to visit and Sydney looks like a pretty reliable site to get the information I seek.

Since retiring, I am tied to the computer and the Internet, and loath to travel. Let's see if this visit will ever come to pass.


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  3. I found your excellent site becasue a comment you left contained a hot link after your signature your Malaysia Blog. It is unfortunate that Americans get less international news than they used to and are less aware of the struggles in most of the world. Malaysia has a historic and wonderful culture that is not adequately incorporated into our "mind set." Keep up the good reporting.

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    Thanks, but I just noticed yours is only a graphic banner, not a link. I googled "Raja Petra Malaysia Today" and found so many versions, none of them have the banner, so I don't know to what site I should link to. So I think I will let things be until someone give me the proper site to link to.

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