Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Malaysia and Florida: Similarities and differences

Similarities between Malaysia and Florida, USA

Malaysia and Florida shares many similarities. Malaysia has a year round warm equatorial (tropical) climate while Florida has a humid subtropical climate for the most part and similar tropical climate in southern Florid. Both have wet and dry seasons. Both have frequent thunderstorm, but Florida has been nicknamed the lightning capital of the United States. Malaysia is practically free from earth quakes except for occasional tremors originating from neighboring Indonesia while earth quakes in Florida are very rare. Malaysia has a number of National Reserves, but in this case I think beat Malaysia by the larger numbers of National Park Reserves.

The population of Malaysia is approximately 27 million while that of Florida is not far behind at 18 million. Both are multi-racial, the race and culture of Malaysia is probably more diverse.

Differences between Malaysia and Florida

Malaysia don't experience any snow (unless you include the snow houses and the "snow" car washes) but Florida do have occasional snowfall. Malaysia is blessed with hardly any major natural calamities, but Florida is subjected to not infrequent hurricanes that can cause havoc. The official language is Bahasa Malaysia (based on the Malay language) but English is widely spoken. I don't know if Florida has an official language, but 77% Florida residents speak only English at home as a first language, and I guess official documents and correspondences is probably English. Malaysia is majority Muslim while Florida is mostly Protestant Christian with a small Roman Catholic community.

Florida has Disneyland theme park as well as many other theme parks. Malaysia did try to get a Disneyland theme park in the Iskandar Development Region but I believed it was a failed attempt.

See for yourself

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