Thursday, December 06, 2007

Malaysia and Hawaii

Malaysia and Hawaii: Similarities

Malaysia and Hawaii shares quite a lot of similarities. Both have tropical climate and both have luxuriant tropical forest with diverse fauna and flora. Both have beautiful beaches plus bountiful sunshine, although I have to admit Hawaii may some beaches more famous than Malaysian beaches. Both have great scuba diving sites. Both are multi-racial. Ethnic Chinese form almost 5% of Hawaii's population while the percentage of Chinese in Malaysia is higher, but dropping fast.

Malaysia and Hawaii: Differences

Malaysia has only one official language - Bahasa Malaysia while Hawaii has two - English and Hawaiian. Hawaii has volcanoes (in fact Hawaii is formed out of volcanoes) while Malaysia has none. Malaysia has an official religion - Islam, while Hawaii do not have any official religion but with a large percentage of Christians. West Malaysia is a peninsula while Hawaii consists of a chain of many islands. You get hump back whales visiting Hawaii every December I think. I don't think I remember ever reading anything about any of those docile giants of the sea paying Malaysia a visit.

Why some Malaysians may want to visit or migrate to Hawaii

I don't know about other Malaysians, but I am one Malaysian who would want to visit, perhaps even migrate to Hawaii given the chance. I am curious as to what an active volcano looks like. I will like to compare our beaches and Hawaii's beaches. I understand they can have pretty big waves over there. I would like to engage in a bit of whale watching. I may even indulge in a bit of celebrities staling for I understand buy Hawaiian properties. The Internet billionaire Bill Gates held million dollars wedding in Hawaii. Oprah Winfrey bought two properties in Hawaii, one of them a huge one - 1,000 acres on Maui located high on the slopes of Haleakala with a house surrounded by cool upland pastures and an enviable view of the island’s beaches and agricultural fields. Celebrities are attracted to Wailea on Maui Island like ants (or bees) to honey where many buy single-family and condominium complexes offer gated entryways for enhanced security and privacy. Wailea also has many famous resorts like Grand Wailea Resort & Spa, Wailea Beach Marriott and Four Seasons Maui where celebrities congregate and where perhaps we can engage in some celebrities gaping.

Also, there have been various happenings in Malaysia can cause some Malaysians go somewhere like Hawaii for a change. There were the BERSIH rally for clean and fair election, the Malaysia Bar organized Long March for Justice, and the recent HINDRAF gathering to hand in memorandum to Queen Elizabeth for help in appointing Queen Counsel to represent them in their class action suit where tear gases and water cannons with chemical-laced chemicals were used liberally on the defenseless participants, the pressure to turn Malaysia from a secular state to Malaysia, an Islamic state and a few others unsettling events and developments. The all-year-round warm weather of Hawaii, much similar to Malaysia's, is a major draw.

Game for a change? Well, maybe we can try Hawaii Realtor. Maui is the second largest Hawaiian Islands which now have a rapid population growth because many people, having visited Maui, decide to move or retire to the island. For help in locating suitable real estates, Maui homes for sale. This Hawaii Real Estate website even have a blog real estate news where you can be updated on the happenings in the Hawaiian real estate industry and perhaps even leave a comment and interact with the blog author. Ah, blogs, my favorite. Maybe I can even continue blogging from there.

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  1. As someone whom has been to Kaua'i, hawaii, and Sipadan, Malaysia, Hawaii is no comparison. Sipadan is true paradise.... you have a beautiful country