Saturday, December 22, 2007

Malaysian Extended Family Gathering in Australia

My sister and her family migrated to Australia because they were worried about the education of their children quite some time ago. They have been back to Malaysia quite frequently for various occasions or sometimes just to see old friends and relatives. My sister broached the idea of having an extended family gathering. I just wonder if having such a gathering in Australia is feasible. Now if it were to materialise, we obviously cannot all squeeze into her home in Australia. We will have to stack our self one on top of the other to sleep. Neither is staying in hotels an option. What is left is serviced apartments which is usually a cheaper alternative to hotels plus usually include cooking facilities so or families can cook our own meals rather eating out. I believe most will also have special places for barbecue.

Serviced Apartments in Melbourne

Park Squire Motor Inn And Serviced Apartments, MelbourneWhere should this mainly Malaysian Extended Family Gathering in Australia takes place if it ever materialises? The best place I can think of is Melbourne, where my sister and her family have settled down. I found Melbourne Accomodation has partnership agreements with various hotels and apartments for group bookings services which I would assume will provide for discounts. An example is Park Squire Motor Inn And Serviced Apartments. Their serviced apartments contain a fully equipped kitchen which is what I am looking for. However, some don't like the unpredictable weather plus perhaps my sister in Melbourne plus her family may look forward to a vacation away from Melbourne for a change. So let us look at other alternatives.

Serviced apartments in Perth

Seashells Serviced Apartments PerthWhile Perth, capital city of Western Australia, may be the city furthest from any city, it is an Australian city that is nearest to our home country, so the airfare is expected to the the lowest except my sister and her family will have to travel from Melbourne. Perth receives moderate though highly seasonal rainfall. The climate in Perth is not cold in winter, unlike Melbourne, which may be what may of our extended family may like. Its climate has been described as a typical Mediterranean climate. Let us see what is available from Perth Accommodation. I found Seashells Serviced Apartments located at the Scarborough Beach overlooking the emerald clear Indian Ocean. The kids would love that. There are many cities in Australia. Let us look at other alternatives:

Serviced apartments in Brisbane

Summit Central Apartment Hotel BrisbaneAt Brisbane Accommodation, I found Summit Central Apartment Hotel which has baby sitting service, barbecue area, children's playground plus outdoor swimming pool. Perfect for an extended family gathering. Not only that, the Summit's website says that its location is easily accessible to all the famous sights and attractions of Brisbane, only 500 metres to the City Hall, and Albert and Victoria Parks where all of us can go for refreshing morning walks. Also, Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate not much different from Malaysia. Plus I now have a very good online Australian friend in Sunshine Coast whose sons lives in Brisbane. It will be nice to meet him in person. Brisbane should be a good choice, but.....

Serviced apartments in Adelaide

Some members of our extended family are crazy over culture and festivals, and Adelaide, the capital city of of South Australia is nicknamed the City of Festivals because many festivals like the world famous Adelaide Festival of Arts, Fringe Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Adelaide Writers' Week, the Feast Festival, and the WOMADelaide, which is Australia's premier world music event, are held there. There is a suitable serviced apartment available from Adelaide Accommodation, the Quest Mansions Serviced Apartments which is classified a 3 to 5 star accommodation. Quest Mansions Serviced Apartments is located conveniently near the City area, which should please the ladies whom I am sure would like to go for some shopping. Adelaide too has a Mediterranean climate which should be mild enough to our extended family members from Malaysia used to warm climate.

Now, the question is, which city? Got lots of consultation, compromises and hopefully no heated arguments when it comes to decision time.

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