Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Malaysian married couple's honeymoon in Greece

My Daughter and Son-in-Law's honeymoon in Greece

One of my son-in-law (eldest daughter) works for Digi, with Telenor the major shareholder, a big mobile phone operator. He had the good fortune of winning a contest for the best suggestion to improve the company. For that honor, he got a full expense paid trip to Oslo to attend a conference with all the other prize winners from all over the world. In addition to that, he got an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world for two. He reserved that for his then planned wedding and the honeymoon. For the destination for the honeymoon, like the obedient husband-to-be, he let my daughter choose. She chose Greece. I told her she must like history to choose as there are lots of relics of ancient historic sites like those you see below:

Athens, Greece
Athens: Photo courtesy of Blogger Employee

Athens, Greece
Athens: Photo courtesy of Blogger Employee

Greece Attractions

Well, she stuck to her decision and had their honeymoon in historic Greece. However, Greece is not only ancient relics of historical buildings. There is also the amazing deep Corinth Canal:

Corinth Canal, Greece
Corinth Canal: Photo courtesy of Calvin

You can go for a helicopter ride over Athens, the capital city. There are also lots of lovely beaches and hundreds of islands and one of the more popular one is Myconos. See photo below:

Athens: Photo courtesy of Blogger Employee

To get to Mykonos, you will probably have to take a ferry ride using ferry services like Greece ferries. Now with the environmentally friendly Internet, you can even book your tickets online at Greece ferry tickets. You can embark or disembark at various Major Ports for Greek Ferries which includes Mykonos.

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