Sunday, February 10, 2008

Malaysia and Mexico

Malaysian and Mexican Cuisine

The cuisine of Malaysia and Mexico are not that similar, but both use chili extensively, and while Malaysia has capati, Mexico has taco, a traditional Mexican food which has some slight similarity to capati. Taco is a rolled and folded maize tortilla filled with an edible substance. Capatti (some spell it as chapatti) is made from a dough of atta flour (from whole grain durum wheat, a premium and the hardest of all wheat), water and salt.

Malaysia and Mexico climate

Malaysia has a tropical climate throughout the country, Mexico has temperate and tropical climatic zones, divided by the Tropic of Cancer

Malaysian and Mexican bioverdiversity

Malaysia, with its large tracts of tropical rainforest, houses fauna and flora of great diversity, although if deforestation continue at its present rate, that will be threatened. Mexico is also has great biodiversity, with more than 200,000 different species of living things, with Mexico estimated to contain of 10–12% of the world's biodiversity.

Mexican restaurant in Malaysia

I can only find two Mexican restaurants in Malaysia, the Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant at 14, Jalan USJ10/1E, Subang UEP, Selangor and the El Taco's Mexican Cafe in Puchong. Other than that, if you want to sample Mexican food, the best will be to travel to Mexico for a first hand authentic experience.

Cost of living and vacation expenses in Mexico

Cost of living and vacation expenses in Mexico can vary considerably in Mexico. It depend on whether you want to go to a bustling, highly populated and therefore expensive locations in Mexico, or you go to a less congested, more isolated location in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is a small city in the Baja California peninsula at its southern tip. However, Cabo San Lucas is getting to be a high-end holiday destination. If you plan to visit Mexico, you may want to consider Cabo San Lucas vacation rental which offers various types of Cabo San lucas accommodations including the attractive Cabo San Lucas villas for a more comfortable and spacious stay.

Lands End Cabo San Lucas
Photo of Lands End, End Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is property of Shawn Ford

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