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How to get to KLIA: Cars and KLIA Parking

Getting to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) by car

You can drive to KLIA via the Kuala Lumpur Seremban Highway, exiting at Nilai Banting Highway before you reach Nilai if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, and after Nilai if you are coming from Seremban. At some point, you will have to turn left to KLIA. There should be road signs to guide you, signs with image of an airplane.

You can also get to KLIA by car via the North-South Central Link/KLIA Expressway (ELITE). This is a bit more complicated as entry into this Expressway will depend on which part of Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya you are coming from. You can enter the North-South Central Link/KLIA Expressway from the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), the Federal Highway at Batu Tiga (near Shah Alam), or from Subang Jaya-USJ (United Subang Jaya) "backbone" road, but this is a bit difficult to describe. Anyway, if you enter Subang Jaya from the Federal Highway and proceed straight without turning left or right, eventually you will come to a T-junction, and at this T-junction, you will have to turn right, than a very short distance further, turn left to enter the North-South Central Link/KLIA Expressway.

Travel time from Kuala Lumpur will be approximately 1 hour. A map showing all the roads leading to KLIA will be drafted and added later to help guide you.

Car Parks at KLIA

Now if go to KLIA by car or cars, you will need to park your car or cars. There is more than one car park at KLIA, some reserved for staff and out of bound for the public. The 2 public car parks at KLIA together have a total of 11,442 parking lots.

KLIA Short Term Car Park

The KLIA Short Term Car Park which is a covered car park, is located next to the KLIA terminal and consists of 4 seven-storey blocks (Block A, B, C and D), with 5,933 parking lots for cars, 12 bays for buses and 1,202 parking lots for motorcycles. Parking lots for the public are located at Block B and Block C, except for ground and 1st floor. Motorcycles at ground level block A. Eighteen paring lots are reserved for the disabled with 11 parking lots at Level 2, Block B and 7 at Level 2 of Block C. These are conveniently located near the link-bridges connecting the Short Term Car Park to the KLIA main terminal.

You can get to the KLIA main terminal from the KLIA Short Term Car Park via two link-bridges at Level 2 of Blocks B and C. The link-bridges will lead to the Mezzanine Level (Level 2) of KLIA Main Terminal.

Facilities at the KLIA Short Term Car Park

  1. There are trolley nests at all levels, all blocks for you to roll your luggages to the KLIA main terminal

  2. If you are picking up passengers, there are passenger pick-up points located near the link-bridges on Level 2 of Block B and C. Arriving passengers can thus wait at these pick-up points and do not have to suffer the hardship of having to cart their luggage all the way to the vehicle which could be parked on other levels

  3. 16 public lifts and 4 emergency lifts allow easy access to and from all levels of the KLIA Short Term Car Park

  4. The KLIA Short Term Car Park is equipped with eight escalators, four escalators at Block C Ground Floor to Level 2 of Block C, two at Level 5 of Block C to Roof Top of Block C, and 2 at Roof Top of Block B to Roof Top of Block B.
  5. To keep you update you on domestic and international arrivals and departures, 44 Flight Information Display System (FIDS) have been placed at various locations in the KLIA Short Term Car Park, eight at the Ground Floor of Block B, twelve at Level 2 of Block B, twelve at Ground Floor of Block C and twelve at Level 2 of Block C. The FIDS will update you on domestic and international arrivals and departures.

Car Rentals at KLIA

For arriving passengers who want to drive, there are fourteen car rental companies operating at the Ground Floor of Block D with 22 car rental booths

Parking Rates at KLIA

Motorcycles Parking rates

At time of publishing, parking rate for all motorcycles is a flat rate of RM1.00 per entry.

Parking Rates for Cars

Parking rates for cars are complicated. The table below lists the rates as at time of publishing:

Hourly RateCumulative Rate
1st hour of part thereofRM3.50RM3.50
2nd hour of part thereofRM3.00RM6.50
3rd hour of part thereofRM2.50
4th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM11.00
5th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM13.00
6th hour of part thereofRM2.00
7th hour of part thereof RM2.00RM17.00
8th hour of part thereofRM2.00
9th hour of part thereof RM2.00RM21.00
10th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM23.00
11th hour of part thereofRM2.00
12th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM27.00
13th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM29.00
14th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM 31.00
15th hour of part thereofRM 2.00RM33.00
16th hour of part thereofRM 2.00RM35.00
17th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM37.00
18th hour of part thereofRM 2.00RM39.00
19th hour of part thereofRM2.00RM41.00
20th-24th hour of part thereofRM43.00RM43.00

If you park beyond the 24 hour period, the normal rate will be re-applied again. The parking rates include the 5% service tax. Be careful not to lose or damage your coin chip as a hefty penalty of RM50.00 penalty charges, and on top of that, you will be charged the normal parking charges.

Also, take car to only park at marked parking lots as parking outside of these marked parking lots makes your can liable to clamping an a clamping penalty of RM100.00 will have to be paid to get the car clamp removed.

How to pay parking charges

2 ways are provided for you to pay the parking charges. You can either pay manually our use the Auto Pay Stations before collecting their vehicles. There are 2 24-hour Manual Pay Stations located at Level 2 of Block B and Level 2 of Block C. You can use any of the fifteen Auto Pay Stations, 7 of them are located at Level 2 of Block B and another 8 are located at Level 2 of Block C. You can only pay with the Malaysian currency - Ringgit. Foreign currencies are not acceptable.

Corporate Parking

Corporate Parking is at Ground Floor of Block B with a total of 144 Corporate Parking lots. Rates are RM300.00 per month. You will be required to place a deposit of RM50.00, refundable upon return of the season parking card. If you lose or damage the season parking card, the deposit will be forfeited.

KLIA Staff Parking

Staff working at KLIA is eligible to park at the KLIA Staff Parking which is located at Block D, except ground floor. Government servants pay RM35.00 per month while non-government servants pay RM45.00 or RM90.00, based on their monthly salary. Similar conditions for the season parking card applies.

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