Friday, February 01, 2008

Malaysian escaping from Malaysia soon

Pretty soon, some Malaysians will be deserting Malaysia for other countries with various motives. The reason is Chinese New Year is just around the corner, in fact, the first day of Chines New Year starts on 7th Febuary 2008. All will have different motives among which are:

Relax, just go for vacation

Many, including non-Chinese (Malaysia is a multi-racial country) just want to get away and relax, enjoy a vacation away from Malaysia. For some, it is one of the few chances to have a vacation oversea as public holidays for Chinese New Year is not only for 2 days (more if they fall on a weekend), plus many companies choose to close for more than 2 days, a week is not unusual. Others, of course, have their own business or professional practices and have a complete choice of how long they want to stay away.

Escape giving ang pows (red packages)

The Chinese tradition is that married Chinese have to give ang pows (red packages), small envelopes containing money, to their unmarried, especially children, counterparts during Chinese New Year. Plus some utilities workers like the dump truck workers, take this opportunity to go house to house to collect ang pows for services rendered throughout the year, and many are intimidated to give for fear that their rubbish will be left behind as retribution for being stingy. So some Chinese take this opportunity to escape their obligations by taking vacation oversea, a perfect excuse for not giving out ang pows.

Booking your vacations and travel tickets

In this modern days of Internet and 24 hours broadband access, bricks and mortar travel agencies, places we normally go to to book our vacation and purchase our travel tickets pre-Internet, is a bit obsolete now. I for one, and I believe many others too, for both convenience as well as environmental considerations, prefer Travel technology, especially those with booking engine. I also have come across a new phrase travel distribution, but I regret not being able to understand exactly what his means. Perhaps I will update this post when I find out.

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